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Community Wellbeing programs and projects focus on the need to improve health outcomes with sustainable economic development for disadvantaged communities.

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Preventive Health Partnerships: Partnering with local health centers, schools and agencies to provide a safe environment for people to receive culturally aligned health education and awareness targeting chronic diseases, infectious diseases, maternal health and reproductive health issues at no cost to the community.

Health Programs 

Rural Communities Health: Health engagements with rural communities brings health services directly to people with no access to basic health care. These communities receive health education, screenings, medical consultations, medications, oral health and vision care at no cost.


Supportive Programs 

Food Assistance Distribution: Healthy Food assistance program is designed to provide healthy food access to communities at no cost.

Monthly and quarterly food distributions provide nutritious, healthy food to rural communities. 

Education and School Support:  Through strategic partnerships, we work with schools in local and rural communities to provide educational support and resources to empower them to excel in their educational goals and to ensure a safe learning environment. Through this partnership:

we provide students directly with Backpacks, School Supplies and Field Trips.

we provide schools with Infrastructure and Renovation Support and Teacher Acknowledgement Support

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Economic Development Programs

We believe that economic integration opportunities in our programs and services provides communities at risk with sustainable opportunities towards overall wellbeing. We work with trade school, vocational schools and communities to provide people with economic empowerment resources and support. Through our programs and inputs from the community recipients, we are able to facilitate paths to economic empowerment with Educational ScholarshipsTrade Match and Skills Acquisition opportunities

 Communities are able to manage their health outcomes, if they have economic leverage to address health disparities.

Environmental Services 

In efforts to support UN Sustainable Development Goals. Community Wellbeing works with other environmental agencies to highlight awareness environmental issues by providing education and resources through several projects and programs targeting Access to Clean Drinking Water, Air Quality, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Sanitation, Clean Energy Sources and Climate Changes

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