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Corporate & Community Partners: 

Interested in getting your company involved?

Community Wellbeing works closely with our corporate and community partners to develop mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities and fundraising campaigns.

We also offer options to create co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences. In addition, we will recognize your Positive Social Change Impact Program corporate partnership in social media shout-outs and on donor recognition platforms throughout the year.

Here are some of the ways your company can partner with Community Wellbeing:

Corporate gift

Corporate sponsorship


Matching gift program

Percentage of sales of product or service

Cash register round-up

Benefit campaigns such as galas, golf tournaments, walk/runs, auctions, community events, etc.  

Positive Social Change Impact Program

 Do you know that your organization has the power to make a positive social change impact through corporate partnership. By supporting Community Wellbeing, your organization contributes towards making a difference in the lives of people facing health disparities while also providing economic development opportunities. 

Community Wellbeing’s Positive Social Change Impact Program recognizes companies and community groups that commit to reducing health disparities with economic integration. With an annual contribution of $2,500 or more to Community Wellbeing, your organization will be part of a community we call Positive Social Changers. Click here to sign up. 

To make a donation towards impact programs,Click here 

Become a Corporate Partner

When you join Community Wellbeing as a Corporate Partner, you become part of the solution to reducing health disparities with economic integration for communities at risk using evidence based community solutions.

Our programs impact lives annually around the world, including the U.S., and we have a variety of focus areas that you can select from to meet your organization’s philanthropic goal.

Become a Community Wellbeing Corporate Partner Today by contacting  or 619.797.6630.

Become a Non Profit Partner

Community Wellbeing partners with U.S. and international foundations to achieve our mission to reduce disparities,improve health outcomes, and economic integration around the world. Our partners support a range of initiatives programs, projects and more!

Become a Community Wellbeing Nonprofit Partner Today by contacting  or 619.797.6630.

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