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Outreach community event in a remote village in Nigeria

About Us

Our Mission

To address health disparities, social and structural determinants of health barriers and facilitate economic integration for minorities, foreign born, underrepresented, underserved populations in United States and beyond through education, literacy, equity, advocacy and positive social change.

Our History

Community Wellbeing began in 2019 as Community Wellbeing San Diego, as a 501(C)3 non-profit organization in San Diego California. Our vision is to be the sustainable common ground for better health, equity and foster meaningful opportunities. Our impact approach for path to wellness and development is through culturally responsiveness services to communities in need to address health and social drivers of health barriers towards achieving overall community wellbeing.

Our Team

Meet the people who behind it all…

Our Programs

Get to know our programs and services in the community

Our Impact

Learn how our positive change programs are impacting our communities

Health Literacy Levels

The lack of education and health literacy among communities at risk  is manifold causing a direct and indirect impact on their sense of empowerment, low socio-economic status, health care and ultimately poor health.

Join in 

Get to know how you can join in our efforts to reduce health disparities, increase health literacy, access to health, address social and structural determinants of health with sustainable economic integration for communities at risk.

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