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Our Programs 

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Health Literacy and Access to Care Programs

Our health literacy programs aim to bridge the gap in health disparities, social and structural determinants of health barriers and facilitate economic integration  in United States and globally. Our programs are designed to empower at risk communities by educating them on health and wellness issues, promoting healthy behaviors, and providing  community health resources linkages to improve their health outcomes.​ Through our health literacy classes in San Diego, California, we provide minorities, foreign-born, underrepresented, underserved populations with services for improve healthcare access, utilization, shared informed decision making, long term care, disease management, preventive health, behavioral and maternal health.​ Through our global medical missions, we provide remote rural communities with no access to basic health care with health education, screenings, medical consultations, medications, oral health and vision care at no cost to them. Click to see our medical missions and food distributions in Africa.

Community Wellbeing Medical  Mission in Nigeria

Supportive Services and Community Development Programs

Our community development programs aim to create sustainable communities by addressing the social determinants of health and wellness. We work with communities to identify their needs and develop solutions that are sustainable and community led. Our programs focus on community empowerment, social inclusion, and economic development.

As an authorized Community Based Organization with Health and Human Services Agency, we provide information and process applications in San Diego county for MediCal, CalFresh and Cal Work as part of California Benefits available for communities at risk of food insecurity, no healthcare insurance, job training opportunities and in need of financial support. 

We are able to connect people at risk of food insecurities to Food Recuse and Distribution centers in San Diego county, provide access towards healthcare insurance, support economic empowerment with job training opportunities for high school graduates, early career /transitioning job seekers. 

Additional efforts to address food insecurities and economic empowerment extends to Nigeria with healthy food assistance program is designed to provide healthy food access to remote and rural communities at no cost and provide skills acquisition training opportunities for women.

 Community Wellbeing immersion experience and capacity building

Capacity Building, Training, Immersion and Mentorship Development

Our capacity building and training programs provide educational and training opportunities to individuals and organizations to enhance their skills and knowledge in health and wellness. We provide customized training and support to individuals and organizations to help them improve the health outcomes of their communities.  Education, trainings and development programs for our communities expand workforce diversity pathways with job trainings and placement as well as immersion and mentorship opportunities facilitating academic or workforce entry or reentry for underrepresented, minorities, foreign born, underserved communities in United States.   We also provide educational supplies to children living in low income and underserved communities in United States and abroad as well as partner towards school building renovation projects. Click to see our work in schools in Nigeria.

Community Wellbeing empowerment class

Positive Social Change

We believe in positive social change and work towards creating a world where everyone has access to quality health and wellness services. We work with individuals and communities to create a world that is more equitable, just, and fair. Our programs are designed to promote positive social change and empower individuals and communities to create a better world. This is a meaningful call to action to address health disparities, inequalities experienced by minorities, foreign born, underrepresented, underserved populations and communities in need through solidarity, partnerships and collaborations

Community Wellbeing outreach i Nigeria

Equity and Advocacy

We work towards equity and advocacy for all by advocating for policies that promote social justice, equity, and fairness in healthcare and other social services. We work with local, national, and international organizations to promote health equity and advocate for policies that improve the health and wellbeing of all individuals and communities.

Community Wellbeing event i San Diego

Research and Innovation

We conduct research and innovation to identify best practices and innovative solutions to health and wellness issues. Our research and innovation programs aim to improve the health outcomes of individuals and communities by identifying evidence-based solutions and translating them into practice.

Our Sponsors and Partners

The support that our partners and sponsors provide enables Community Wellbeing to fulfill its mission.

To become a partner or sponsor, contact us to learn more

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