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California Heat Wave

A heat wave with dangerously high temperatures will continue to impact Northern California (Sacramento Valley, northern San Joaquin Valley, Delta, and adjacent foothills and mountains), Southern California (valleys and mountains of Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties), and San Diego County valleys into next week.

Californians in the affected areas are urged to take precautions in an effort to help reduce the risk of heat-related health problems. This warning is targeted for the elderly or those who may be more sensitive to heat, and thus at greater risk. Individuals who fall into these categories should take special precautions by drinking plenty of water, reducing outdoor exposure, staying out of the sun, seeking a cooler location for the day if no air conditioning is available in the living quarters, and/or asking a friend or relative to check in on them frequently. Additionally, the heat wave will affect those working outside, and there will be a higher risk of power outages.

Please see the below links from the California Department of Public Health for information regarding heat-related emergencies:

Finally, high record temperatures can lead to emergency situations. By following a few important steps, you can keep yourself, your loved ones, neighbors, and pets comfortable and safe during a heat wave. Scroll through the map here to find a cooling center near you


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