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Community Health Impact Weekend

On November 14th, Path to Wellness and Development Initiative (PWDI) provided over 500+ underserved community members in Enugu with free healthcare services, including health screenings, physician consultations, health education, medications, dental kits, basic vision assessments, and reading glasses.

We are grateful for PWDI’s hosting partners for supporting our mission to increase access to health care, reduce health disparities, and improve the overall wellbeing of communities in need.

Many communities at risk are faced with limited or no access to health care and costly medical services and resources, including medications. They are also impacted with social determinants of health barriers such as transportation barriers, health literacy, and more. These communities depend on PWDI free health care events as the grassroots community health delivery provider for them.

PWDI Mobile Outreach — made up of medical and non-medical staff — understand the importance of providing access to free health care and reducing barriers underserved communities face by bringing these events to hard-to-reach communities.

For PWDI to do more, however, we need you to stand with us and become a hosting partner.

Your partnership will support the positive impact for communities at risk. To learn more about how to become a hosting partner or to donate to make a difference, please visit this link.


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