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ICDAP at Church of Nazarene

For this Integrated Chronic Disease Awareness Program (ICDAP) event, we set up a table at the end of Church of Nazarene’s food bank so we could have the opportunity to discuss information with community members as they passed by. Our topics for today were diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease prevention. We had visual flyers available for community members to view as well as our organization’s contact information in case they had future questions.

A few minutes after the food bank opened up, community members started to pass by our table, and some were more interested than others in hearing out what we had prepared to discuss. Nevertheless, throughout the 2 hour long event, we were able to have quality interactions with over 40 diverse community members — Hispanic, Vietnamese, and more. Some even shared their own experiences with chronic diseases and discussed their recent efforts to incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily lives. It felt great to hear that members found the information valuable.


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