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How to Become More Confident When You’re Short on Time or Money

April Meyers

CWSD volunteer Writer

Belief in yourself is like a key: it unlocks opportunities and helps you take calculated risks to achieve your goals. Confidence comes from gradually but regularly stepping outside your comfort zone and broadening your experience. Below, you'll find accessible ways to build self-belief and increase your quality of life.

Give Your Physical Health a Boost

You don't need a fancy gym membership or expensive supplements to take care of your body. Eating healthily on a budget is doable if you plan and meal prep. Avoid shopping when you're hungry as a lion, keep money aside for bulk deals at the grocery store, and buy canned and frozen fruit and veggies you can whip up into nutritious smoothies and stir-fries, for example. Exercise is essential, too, especially if your job is pretty sedentary. Go hiking in Torrey Pines State Park, hit the beach, or jog in a public green space. Exercise and time outdoors are excellent mood boosters, and the sense of achievement you get from sticking to a new habit is A-plus.

Tweak Your Look

Do you come across as neat, professional, and stylish? If not, consult with a friend or family member who always looks put together, and go shopping for a few versatile items you can mix and match. You can strike gold at thrift stores or when there are sales at the mall, so keep an eye out for seasonal bargains. After your mini makeover, practice better posture and stances that make you feel more in control.

Flip the Script on the Work Front

If your current job gives you little satisfaction, consider whether there's a small business you would want to see in your community. Perhaps you could fill the gap. Start by brainstorming and formalizing your ideas with a business plan. Highlight the market you're catering to, the goods and services you'll provide, the amount of capital you require, and your projected revenue based on research and calculations. Speak to the competitive landscape or lack thereof and precedents for success in similar locations.

Be a Helper

Life can be hectic, but if you can volunteer at Community Wellbeing San Diego or assist a neighbor, it fosters gratitude, makes for good karma, and allows you to feel purposeful and socially connected. These altruistic actions are the stepping stones to confidence — research shows that kindness promotes emotional well-being.


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