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Reduce health disparities by addressing  health literacy, access to health, social and structural determinants of health with sustainable socioeconomic integration for communities at risk.

Welcome to  Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing began in 2019 as Community Wellbeing San Diego, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded with  the mission  to address health disparities, social and structural determinants of health barriers and facilitate economic integration for minorities, foreign born, underrepresented, underserved populations in United States and globally through education, literacy, equity, advocacy and positive social change.

​Our grassroot work with information awareness, education, engagement and empowerment for at risk populations provides access  and linkages to health education, health services, economic development, community and supportive services. We understands that intricate ecological association among individuals, communities and their overall wellbeing requires a correspondingly multi-faceted approach. This is why our efforts are modeled with strategic and transformational pathways to address barriers, gaps and challenges facing our communities served with the support of advocacy, collaboration and  partnerships to achieve collective advancement, improvement, growth and development.


Our vision is to be the sustainable common ground for better health, equity and foster meaningful opportunities . Our impact approach for path to wellness and development is through culturally responsiveness services to communities in need to address health and social drivers of health barriers to improve health outcomes and achieve overall wellbeing.


Medical Missions and Food Distribution

Access to free medical care, consultation, medication, dental and vision care for communities with no access to care and food insecure  in Africa 


Community Resources Hub

Linkage and access to health literacy, care and supportive services information and resources for minorities, underserved and foreign born and at risk communities in the United States


Education Dream and School Renovation 

Scholarships and school supplies to grade school students  and school buildings renovation  support in Nigeria 




Close collaborations  that mobilize and expand community involvement, capacity building and advocacy 

    Impact of our work

Health Literacy and Access to Care

We have integrated health literacy as a social movement into expanding access to care to our communities.

Capacity Building, Training, Immersion and Mentorship Development

We provide pathways for capacity building, training, educational support, career development, immersion and mentorship experience.

Equity and Advocacy

We work towards equity and advocacy for all by advocating for policies that promote social justice, equity, and fairness in healthcare and other social services.

Supportive Services and Economic Integration

We engage communities directly with culturally-responsive programs and linkages for care, social health and economic supportive services tailored to address needs and barriers.

Positive Social Change 

Our programs are designed to promote positive social change and empower communities to access to quality health and wellness services.  

Research and Innovation

We conduct research and innovation to identify best practices and innovative solutions to health and wellness issues.

Join Community Wellbeing

Donate to Support Our Programs

Your donation will help us to continue providing access to healthcare, education and advocacy for underserved communities. Every dollar makes a difference.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering with Community Wellbeing is a great way to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, including community outreach, health education and advocacy.

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